Saturday, July 29, 2017

Our House

A couple of photos of our house and neighborhood.  Most of the houses on our street are three stories high.  Our house is a two story "bungalow".

Front of the house. 
Around the corner from our house walking to the subway (S-Bahn).
In the backyard.
Living room and connected dining room.

Kitchen with window facing the front street.   

Back deck and yard.

Back deck is big enough for badminton and short court tennis.

Back of the house.

Living room. 
Sandwich shop about 3/4 of a mile away.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Spree River Cruise

After walking around town for a few hours, we decided to take a river cruise on the Spree River.

Outdoor cafes line the river.

The city is teeming with tourists at this time of year.  Cruises are popular and a great way to see historical sites.

One of several bridges we passed beneath.

Berliner Dom (cathedral) in the background.

Eating a wurst.

Feeling very German.

Recently completed main train station in the background.

Biergarten in the background.

The German flags in the background are on the rooftop of Germany's parliament building.

We took a walk through the city today.  The weather was fantastic and there were loads of people out and about.  We stopped by many of the main attractions in the heart of Berlin.

Alexanderplatz is a central subway station downtown.  It was a desolate area for many decades.  In recent years there have been several very large scale development projects and it is one of Berlin's main shopping districts.

Alexanderplatz with the TV tower in the background.  It was built in the sixties.

Interesting trampoline spots in the sidewalk. 

For some time, we watched the man in the background do his "street art" on the construction wall.

700 year old church.

Famous red town hall building.

Water fountain with Poseidan holding his trident.

TV tower.

Berliner Dom. 

Notice how the building in the background is pock-marked - a remnant of WWII.

Would you suspect anything???

This is when we took a little ropes course with some of our friends. It was very fun!

 We have begun exploring the city.  So much to see!
Bratwurst for lunch.

The Spree River flows through the city.

We've arrived!

Recently landed in Berlin, Germany.  Here we are in front of the iconic Brandenburg Gate in the heart of Berlin.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A New School Year Begins!

The boys started a new school year last week at TAISM (The American International School of Muscat). We are now proud parents of a third grader and a kindergartener!  Unlike last year when pre-K was a little scary and the first day was filled with tears, the first day of kindergarten was all smiles - what a relief!

My handsome guys outside the front door of school on the first day!
Pick-up after the first day  - we did it!
These kindergarten friends are sporting "I survived the first day of kindergarten" ribbons

Celebrating with best friend Lenny

Ice cream is the only proper way to celebrate the first day of school!