Sunday, October 15, 2017

Birthday Celebration

Although we celebrate our birthdays every year, some are more significant than others.  Turning 12 is definitely a big one.  Eddy had specific ideas about hpw he wanted to celebrate this birthday.  He wanted to go to a "fancy" dinner, so Mom and Eddy went to Vivaldi, a beautiful restaurant in the Schloss Hotel which is a former manor on the edge of Berlin's largest wooded park, the Grunewald. 

At the hotel entrance - no, we did not arrive in that Bentley.
The fancy dining room...

Fancy drinks ...

Fancy chocolate mousse dessert

Reason to smile: chestnut mousse with blackberry sauce

Relaxing with a full tummy on the lobby couches...

The birthday celebrations continued on the weekend with bowling, and enjoying the awesome fall weather.

This  is how you throw a strike; look at the form and concentration!

After working up an appetite with bowling, we headed to Eiershale (Eggshell), our favorite local restaurant.  The fall weather was beautiful and we ate alfresco.  

Since it often gets chilly as the sun goes down, German cafes and restaurants have blankets for their customers!

The day ended at home with cake (Orea ice cream!) and presents. 

Sparkling grape juice and a glass of Prosecco for Mom and Dad to celebrate their accomplishment

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Biking Around Berlin

Berlin must be one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world.  Most major streets include a bicycle lane.  There are people moving about on bicycle in all parts of the city.   There are always people on the subway riding with their bicycles.  Most commercial areas include bicycle racks.  A common feature of all above ground subway stops are the hundreds of bicycles that line the entrances.

Over the past several weeks, we've joined this trend.  Laura's work commute includes riding to and from the subway station by bicycle.  Eddy, Peter, and I have been on a number of neighborhood bike rides.  A few days ago we rode our bikes to Lichterfelde West, the town center about a mile away.  We had dinner at a local Turkish fast food restaurant before returning home in the rain.

Today,  Eddy and I went on a long bike ride to Wannsee Lake.  It lies on the western rim of the city and is a popular bathing and recreation spot.  It was drizzling and wet for most of our ride, but that didn't bother us much.  It was just nice to be outdoors and exploring a new part of the city.

Heading to Lichterfelde.

The white stripes on the road denote the bicycle lane.

Parking our bicycles in the town center.

Turkish food.

Waiting for our dinner.

Heading home in the rain.

Starting off on our journey to Wannsee.

Most of the 1 hour ride was through green leafy neighborhoods.

Wannsee lake.

Celebrating our accomplishment with coffee and cake.

There are many restaurants and hotels around Wannsee.

We decided to take the subway (S-Bahn) back home.

Bicycles on the subway train.  No problem!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Dinner at Nirwana- An Indian Restaurant

Post By Eddy

Nirwana (neer-vah-nuh) is an Indian restaurant we went to this past Sunday evening. The restaurant is located in Steglitz, which is a neighborhood 8 minutes away from our house by car. We really enjoyed the food and it reminded us of when we always went out to dinner at the restaurant Bollywood after coming home from the beach in Oman. We also had not had Indian food in so long and eating it again felt good.

Entrance to the restaurant.


Interior decoration.


Food, food, wonderful food...


The tasty garlic naan that we ordered.

Part of the restaurant.


The menu.

An elephant outside decorating the restaurant.

People having dinner inside.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

My Trip To Groß Väter See

   By Eddy
Every grade in our school from 6th grade up has something in the beginning of the year called "Trip Week." For my 6th grade trip week, we went to a place called Groß Väter See for four nights and five days. I really enjoyed the trip and luckily was allowed to bring my camera and take many pictures of the great experiences I had.

Everyone at school getting ready to go on the trip
On the bus

Scenery on the way there.
The "Big House" which was one of the many places where you would be sleeping on the trip. I slept in one of the rooms in there.
Our room. My bed was the bottom right.
The "foyer" where you could enter into the bedrooms. My room was the one with the thin door furthest to the left.
The cafeteria house where everyone had meals. Breakfast was at eight, lunch at twelve, cake break, or "kaffee kuchen" at three, and dinner at six.

First dinner in the cafeteria. Yug (left) and Julius (right) seem to like it.

My roommates: Anton, (left) Eric, (center) and Ziev. (right) They were very nice but ate a lot of candy during the night...
Having a campfire at night on the first day

myself in the bathroom, all nice and clean after taking a shower.

Breakfast. Everyday I pretty much got some fruit, a bowl of cornflakes, and a roll, which is a typical German breakfast.
The whole 6th grade gathering on the field to play a game in the morning as a starting activity of the day.

The beach we hiked to that goes into the lake
Lunch on our second day
part of the campus

Kaffe Kuchen! Above is the cherry streusel I ate in about two minutes. It is just impossible to save those things.

On our way on the GPS tour.

Walking on our GPS tour. Above is Okle, one of the Schattenspringers, or activity leaders, that was in our class group. He stands 7 feet tall!
The mandala we created out of nature once we got back from the GPS tour.
A disco we had. Very loud and chaotic!
A slackline activity we did on Thursday. Everyone had to cross three slacklines in order for us to "win." Hard!

 Climbing on a ladder with rungs five feet apart from each other.
Everyone taking their sheets the next day to get washed.
Everyone's bags ready to go and put on the bus.
on the bus once more.
More scenery.
One last selfie! Me and Yug sat next to each other on the way home. Yug was a boy from India who came from Uzbekistan because his parents work for the Indian Embassy. He was very nice and we made friends during the trip.
                                            Finally Back!