Saturday, October 27, 2018

France 2018

Our recent trip to France was both an urban and countryside adventure. We spent 2 days in Paris and had time to see just a few of the main attractions, and of course Paris does not disappoint.  The view from the Eiffel Tower at night was spectacular, as was viewing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, even if we had to wait forever in line to see it; it was worth it!  We then traveled to Brittany to the medieval city of Rennes for a quick overnight on our way to Mont St. Michel abbey on the Normandy coast.  This was a real highlight (chosen by Eddy for his birthday present).  We  had an amazing experience watching the tides come in and out of the bay and learning about the unique nature that thrives in the tidal flats.  See the video at the bottom of the kids getting "stuck" in the quicksand.  The abbey itself is an architectural wonder and when it was lit up at night it seemed magical.   Can one feel both lucky and blessed? Yes.  Enjoy the photos!


The Louvre

Dinner at a Paris cafe.

Jardin des Tuileries (reminds us of Brandenburger Gate...hmmm...)

Arc de Triomphe



Timbered buildings from the 15th century.


 Mont Saint Michel



The sanctuary inside the abbey
Sunrise at Mont St Michel

Click play on the following Mont Saint Michel Video.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Rave Run through the Grunewald

Berlin is known for its green spaces and parks.  Close to our home lies the Grunewald, Berlin's largest park.  It is much more of a forest than a city park.  Deep insike the Grunewald lies the Jagdschloss, a castle built in 1530 as a hunting lodge for a Prussian prince.  This past weekend, we did a long run from our house to the Jagdschloss.  The kids joined us on their bikes.  Our effort was rewarded with a rasberry tart at a small cafe inside the castle courtyard...


A Day for Moms - and early B-day Celebration

I was very spoiled today!  Awesome, beautiful and creative artwork greeted me (including a newly framed painting from Peter), homemade lemon scones (baked by Eddy), fresh strawberries from the farmstand and surprise tickets for an afternoon cruise on the "Wannsee" which is one of a series of small lakes outside Berlin (20 minute train ride for us from home). 


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Wittenberg- 500 Years Later

Last weekend we took a lovely day trip to Wittenberg - about 45 minutes on the fast train from Berlin. This picturesque little town celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation last October. We saw the castle church (Schlosskirche) and "the doors" where Martin Luther nailed his "95 Theses." The original doors burned in a fire, but were replaced with bronze doors that are inscribed with the 95 Theses in Latin. We climbed the church tower that looks over the town - 289 spiral steps - and were rewarded with a stunning view. That evening we attended a singalong with the church choir. Pretty cool to be singing hymns in German in that historic church.

On the other side of the town we also visited St. Mary's church where Luther was married and spent the majority of his time preaching, starting in 1512. Both churches are still in use today and beautifully restored and maintained.

The Schlosskirche, or Castle Church, where Luther nailed up his 95 Theses

The famous doors are behind us

The 95 Theses in bronze

St. Mary's Church

View of St. Mary's from the Castle Church tower
Lighting candles for our loved ones

Someone is getting extra special prayers!!